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When service stops working, the Troubleshooter tool helps you check for Brightspeed internet outages and follow the next steps to fix your problem.

Possible diagnoses from the Troubleshooter
  • An area outage affecting the network on a large scale, e.g., citywide

  • A home outage affecting the network between the local node and your home

  • An equipment problem identifying a problem with your router’s hardware or software

  • A service suspension from a missed payment, e.g., from an expired payment method

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Frequently asked questions.

Who is Brightspeed?

Brightspeed is an internet service provider founded in 2021 to bring fast, reliable internet into more American homes.

Currently in the early stages of development, the Brightspeed fiber network will eventually serve more than 6 million homes and businesses in the Midwest and Southeast.

Will I experience any interruption to my service when I switch to Brightspeed?

If you currently have CenturyLink, no, you won’t experience interruptions. Brightspeed purchased parts of the existing CenturyLink network to create a cohesive footprint, so you won’t need a second installation to connect. Instead, Brightspeed customer service will simply transfer your account behind the scenes.

If you have an internet provider other than CenturyLink, you’ll need to set up a new account with Brightspeed. To contact Brightspeed customer service, call 833-964-4327 for assistance with placing your order and scheduling installation.

Will my equipment change when I switch to Brightspeed?

That depends on the equipment you’re currently using.

  • If you have a CenturyLink modem, your equipment won’t change unless you upgrade to faster speeds your current modem can’t handle.

  • If you have a router from any other provider, you’ll have to return it when you cancel that service.

  • If you use a third-party modem/router, you may be able to bring it with you. Call 1-833-964-4279 to ask about routers compatible with Brightspeed.

If I have home phone service, will my phone number change if I switch to Brightspeed?

No, your phone number will not change. Brightspeed can port over your phone number from any other home phone provider.

Where can I find more information about managing my Brightspeed Enterprise account?

Enterprise customers can read the enterprise FAQ to review info about ordering, billing, and other account questions. You can also sign in to Brightspeed Control Center to explore your account.

Where can I find more information about managing my Brightspeed Wholesale account?

Wholesale customers can learn more about wholesale solutions here. You can also sign in to Brightspeed Control Center to explore your account.