Internet Speed Test

How fast is your internet connection? Test your internet speed with Brightspeed’s internet speed test to find out.

Learn How to Check Your Internet Speed

What, exactly, does a speed test measure? Read the definitions below to find out.


Sending data to the internet

Upload speed measures how quickly your device sends information to the internet.


Receiving data from the internet

Download speed measures how fast your device receives information from the internet.


Delayed time during data transfer

Latency refers to the time between when you send data to the internet and your device reflecting that data transfer.


Measure of latency

Your ping rate measures how fast your device can transmit data to the internet and receive it back.

How an Internet Speed Test Works

  • To gauge your upload and download speed, a speed test sends simple binary files to your device that are programmed to be sent back immediately.

  • The speed test judges your connection’s upload and download speed based on how quickly that data transfer occurs.

  • To measure latency (and get an accurate ping rate), the test sends HTTP requests from your device to the server and measures how long it takes to receive a response.

  • For a good test of your internet speed, you want a high download and upload speed and a low ping rate.

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Speed Test FAQs

How do I test my internet speed?

Use Brightspeed’s test at the top of this page to check your internet speed. Test results will show your upload and download speeds, plus your ping rate (a measure of latency).

How do I read an internet speed test?

There are many variables measured by a speed test. Wi-Fi strength is defined by upload and download speeds and ping rate.

The download speed should generally be close to the amount of Mbps your internet plan offers, though your upload speed will likely be slower, unless you have a fiber internet connection.

Your ping rate is a measure of latency, or how long your device might experience lag. If your internet connection is strong, your ping rate will be under 150 milliseconds (ms). The lower the ping rate, the better your internet connection.

What are good internet speed test results?

There is no right or wrong answer to an internet speed test. However, you’ll want your download speeds to measure close to the speed promised by your internet provider. For instance, if you have a 100 Mbps plan, you’ll want your download speed to be close to that number (unless you have a fiber internet plan, your upload speed will often be slower than that). 

A good ping rate measures under 150ms. The lower the ping rate, the better.