The Most Searched Alternative Christmas Movie In America

The team at Brightspeed Plans found the most searched unconventional Christmas movies in the US—find out which film your state searched most.

Classic holiday films like White Christmas, A Christmas Story, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer are undeniably Christmassy, featuring visits to the North Pole and singalongs to holiday carols.

But what about other, less traditional films that take place during the holiday season? Remember the “Jingle Bell Rock” scene in Mean Girls, or the fact that the titular monsters of Gremlins terrorize their town on Christmas Eve?

Many online debates have surrounded the question of whether these nontraditional holiday films really qualify as Christmas movies. Some people are staunch traditional Christmas movie fans, while others will die on a hill for Die Hard.

To celebrate the holiday season in an unconventional way, the team at Brightspeed Plans wanted to find out which alternative Christmas movies America is searching for most. We also ran a survey to see if people agree with their state’s most searched film, and how committed they are to defending their favorite nontraditional Christmas flick.

We found that 66% of our survey respondents agreed with their state’s most searched unconventional movie, while 34% disagreed. Check out our findings to see which side of the debate you land on.

Your State’s Most Searched Unconventional Christmas Movie

Survey Data

We surveyed 1,000 Americans to find out what they think about the most searched alternative Christmas movies in the US. One important thing to note? The majority in every age group agreed with their state’s most searched controversial Christmas movie.

Interesting Findings

  • Die Hard is the most searched unconventional Christmas movie in the most states, with 27 states googling it most.
    • 52% of our survey respondents consider Die Hard a Christmas movie.
  • Mean Girls is the most searched unconventional Christmas movie in the second most states, with five states googling the movie the most. 
    • 52% of the survey participants said that they don’t consider Mean Girls to be a Christmas movie.
  • 30% of the participants feel strongly that their favorite unconventional holiday film is a Christmas movie and that no one will convince them otherwise. 
    • 30% of Gen Z respondents are open to being convinced otherwise. 
    • 30% of the Boomers don’t care at all. 

Our Methodology

The team at Brightspeed Plans gathered unconventional Christmas movies with the help of publications like Parade, Esquire, and Shmoop, along with Instagram Polls. Once we had a list, we used SemRush, an SEO software platform, to gather search volume for each movie. We then selected the top 12 movies with the highest search volume and used Google Trends to gather analytics on volume search per state. 

For our survey data, we surveyed 1,000 Americans using Pollfish, a market research software tool that gathers faster insights and results giving you real-time responses. We asked questions to gather insight on their favorite unconventional Christmas movie. 

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