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About Brightspeed

A new choice in internet

Who is Brightspeed?

We are a telecommunications company dedicated to providing accessible, high quality internet to the communities we serve.

  • Our goal is to keep you connected, so you can work, learn, stream, play, and accomplish what matters most.

  • Brightspeed was formed in August 2021 by an agreement between Connect Holding, LLC and Lumen Technologies, Inc. 

  • We offer strong, reliable internet and voice services to homes and businesses in 20 states, predominantly in the Midwest and Southeast regions of the U.S.

Brightspeed service area used to be Centurylink.

Brightspeed provides experienced, high-quality internet and voice services to areas in the Midwest and Southeast U.S. that were previously served by CenturyLink.

Frequently asked questions.

How is Brightspeed different from other internet providers?

With so much of our daily lives moving online, the need for faster, more reliable internet access has never been greater.

Brightspeed believes that everyone should have access to the best internet service possible, and that’s what our copper and fiber networks provide. We want to ensure our customers receive accessible, inclusive, high-quality internet tp keep their lives moving forward.

Where are Brightspeed’s headquarters?

Brightspeed is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.