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Choose Brightspeed for your business internet needs.

With our reliable network, increased customer support, and straightforward bills, Brightspeed is the best choice for your business internet.

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Enjoy high-speed Internet with Brightspeed business services.

Crunch numbers, video conference, and connect your entire fast-paced work environment with Brightspeed.

  • No annual contracts or cancellation fees

  • Straightforward billing with no introductory prices

  • A growing customer support team committed to answering your calls faster

  • Internet coverage in 20 states across the Midwest and Southeastern U.S.

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Simple. Reliable. Affordable. Brightspeed for business.

No more dropped video conferences or slow downloads. With business internet services from Brightspeed, you can empower your employees and customers.

  • Strong internet speeds in your area

  • Dependable connectivity for uninterrupted workdays

  • Affordable plans to keep overhead costs at a minimum

  • Simple billing to take the stress out of your budget

Frequently asked questions.

How much does Brightspeed business internet cost?

Prices for business internet service from Brightspeed start at $50 per month. Specific prices and speeds available depend upon your location. To learn if we serve your area, visit our availability page.

What services does Brightspeed offer for my business?

Brightspeed offers business internet services across 20 states in the Midwest and Southeastern U.S. We also offer voice services.

Can I combine business internet and phone service with Brightspeed?

Yes, you can combine your business internet and voice services with Brightspeed.