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Brightspeed home Wi-Fi service.

Brightspeed Wi-Fi gives your home a fast and affordable internet connection.

Internet plans start at


Plus taxes. Autopay required. Installation charge may apply.

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Brightspeed home
Wi-Fi plans.

Work, game, and stream all day long with Brightspeed home Wi-Fi service.
  • Internet plans starting at $50/mo.*

  • No data caps or overage fees

  • A strong network you can trust

*Plus taxes. Autopay required. Installation charge may apply.

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Brightspeed Wi-Fi products.

Order Brightspeed home Wi-Fi to receive a wireless modem that includes Wi-Fi 6 advanced technology.
  • 3-4x faster connectivity than Wi-Fi 5

  • Extends battery life for in-home devices

  • Includes advanced security to keep you protected

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Why Brightspeed?

With reliable service at an affordable price, Brightspeed is the perfect choice for your home internet wifi provider. 
  • Brightspeed Wi-Fi is fast and dependable, so you can have a stress-free internet experience.

  • We make internet easy—our billing model is simple with no hidden fees or charges. 

  • Our dedicated support agents answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Wi-Fi in my house?

With Brightspeed home Wi-Fi, one of our certified technicians will come to install your new home internet and modem/router. You may also have the option to self-install your own equipment, depending on the kind of internet service you order.

How much is a month of Wi-Fi?

The price of Brightspeed Wi-Fi depends on the internet plan you select. Check out our Brightspeed Internet page to see which internet packages are available to you.

Can you get Wi-Fi without a cable provider?

Depending on where you live, you may be able to get an internet connection without a traditional cable network. Fiber, satellite, and fixed wireless internet are some ways you can still receive internet in your home Wi-Fi without a cable provider.

For more information on what Brightspeed Internet plans are offered in your area, visit our Brightspeed availability page. 

Does Brightspeed offer Wi-Fi plans?

Yes! All Brightspeed internet plans include Wi-Fi. See our Brightspeed availability page for more information about Wi-Fi near you.