Brightspeed home Internet.

Brightspeed provides high-quality, affordable internet plans to rural and suburban Americans.

  • Strong network

  • Straightforward billing

  • No contracts or termination fees

Find your Brightspeed plan.

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Benefits of Brightspeed.

Brightspeed delivers superior internet services to rural and suburban communities across the U.S.

  • Simple: Our Internet plans are cost-effective and stress-free with no annual contracts.

  • Reliable: We provide the dependable internet connections your home needs without price hikes.

  • Experienced: Our growing customer service team is committed to answering your questions faster than other companies.

Frequently asked questions.

What internet plans does Brightspeed offer?

Brightspeed offers a range of high-quality internet plans with speeds depending on your location. Enter your ZIP code at the top of the page to see the fastest plan available in your area.

How much do Brightspeed internet plans cost?

Brightspeed prides itself on offering affordable internet plans across the country. Prices vary depending on the plans for your area. Visit our Availability page to see if Brightspeed offers service at your ZIP code..

Is Brightspeed internet available in my area?

Brightspeed currently provides internet to locations across 20 states in the Midwest and Southeastern U.S. Check out our availability page to see if Brightspeed offers internet services in your area.

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